20 Week Sonogram

You are scheduled for a sonogram to assess the growth and well being of your baby. In order to obtain the best possible exam, it is very important that you carefully read and follow these instructions.

One hour before your scheduled appointment, use the restroom and then drink 28 oz. of water. DO NOT USE THE RESTROOM AGAIN UNTIL AFTER YOUR SONOGRAM IS DONE.

You are welcome to bring a guest with you
to observe the exam as it is being done. The room is small so we cannot accommodate a large group. We do, however, discourage you from bringing very small children as the room is darkened for several minutes and there is

nothing to entertain little ones. Camcorders are NOT allowed in the sonogram room. We will provide you with a DVD to take home for sharing pictures of your baby with your family and friends. Pictures will be taken during your sonogram and transferred to the DVD.

If you are interested in trying to determine the gender of your baby, please let us know at the START of your exam. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you realize many times we are unable to see the baby’s bottom well enough due to how early in the pregnancy you are and/or fetal position. Also, we cannot offer a definite answer until the baby is born. It is always simply an educated guess. 


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