Prenatal Care

OB Education Visit

One of our obstetrical nurses will obtain a thorough medical history on you and the father- to-be. Your weight and blood pressure will be taken. A pregnancy test will be performed. Our nurse will review testing and explain how we will follow your pregnancy. She will help to answer your questions and consult with your doctor regarding any concerns.

First Visit With Your Doctor

Your blood will be drawn for prenatal laboratory work. These routine-screening labs will check for hepatitis B (a virus transmitted by bodily secretions), HIV, reactive plasma reagent (screens for syphilis), immunity to rubella (German measles), blood type and screen, and complete blood count, urinalysis, Pap Smear
(if due), and possibly cultures of the cervix.
A Transvaginal Ultrasound is performed to estimate the gestational age, determine fetal heart beat to check whether there is more than one baby.

Subsequent Visits

On follow-up visits, your weight and blood pressure will be checked. Your prenatal appointments will be arranged at approximately four week intervals during the first seven months and closer thereafter. Office visits will be on a weekly basis from 36 weeks

to delivery. Your visits at that point will include a cervical/internal exam. You will be asked
to provide a urine specimen on every visit. Urine is tested for protein, which could lead
to a condition known as preeclampsia and glucose, which is an indication of gestational diabetes. Your hands and feet will be checked for swelling.

A doppler will be used to hear the baby’s heart tones. Fetal activity and the size and growth of your uterus will be checked.

You may choose to do a 3D/4D ultrasound Keepsake Package between 26-30 weeks. This is for keepsake purposes only and may NOT be billed to your insurance. This package includes several pictures and a DVD. The package cost for this is $100, which must be paid in advance. There is an additional charge for multiples.