Welcome New & Existing Patients!

Our office is located at 2730 Pierce Street, Suite 201. This is in Physician Building 2, 2nd floor, directly across from Unity Point-St. Luke's. 

We welcome and encourage you to call us at (712) 277-3141 if you have any questions. Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Thursday and Friday 8am to 1pm. Injection and blood draw hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:30am to 10am, 4pm to 4:45pm, and Friday, 8:30am to 10am. Our receptionists are trained to ask questions about your problem. We understand the personal nature of some of your questions. However, this information is important so we can assist the triage nurse, or allow the appropriate length of time for your appointment. Your health information is kept strictly confidential.

After hours, our on-call physician can be reached through St. Luke's Hospital paging service at 712-279-3500. This service is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

All non-emergency calls should be directed to our office at 712-277-3141. You may leave a message after hours and your call will be returned the next business day.